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Getting Started Guide

We provide you with a list of documents allowing you to customize the configuration of your Sherlock solution, to explain the diagnostic tools and to present the main functionalities of the analysis interface.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the Sherlock by ProHacktive solution or about the company, you can consult our frequently asked questions on the website:

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We answer you on working days from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Access our support ticket creation form for any technical support request regarding a bug or an upgrade request for our ProHacktive products and services.

Status of services and updates

All the information to follow the services and tools.

Status of services

You can find the status of ProHacktive services by visiting the webpage

Release notes

Each month we publish the latest updates to the Sherlock by ProHacktive solution.

Vulnerability database

We've made available for free our translated and expanded database of recognised vulnerabilities. You can perform advanced searches, filter by attack type or access application patches for your devices.

Frequently asked questions

For security reasons, we do not allow vulnerability scanners to inspect a public IP address. If you wish to scan a public IP address, you must make a request via ProHacktive Email ( stating the IP address, subnet mask and reason.

Here's how to set up a fixed private IP address for a network interface:

We do not apply the patches proposed by our solution and remain in a trusted third party posture. You would be entitled to doubt the proposed solutions when the actor who diagnoses the problem also proposes the remedy.


This is why it is necessary to call on the service provider responsible for your computer equipment to correct the vulnerability. However, for some vulnerabilities, we propose a correction protocol to follow.

The ProHacktive solution is not a replacement for a antivirus, it is a complementary tool to your antivirus. Antivirus software works like a delay mechanism, detecting, analysing, correcting and finally distributing this information to all its clients once the threat has been detected and corrected. The ProHacktive solution directly scans the services open on a device and alerts the user to future threats that may be detected by the antivirus.

The Sherlock® solution has no impact on your network. We do not access any device. We only query open services and intelligently aggregate the data collected.

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