The cyber serenity tailored à your infrastructure

Offer SME - Medium-sized company

Because so many devices are connected to your network, it's critical to simplify your cyber security management.

To help you do this, ProHacktive has designed a solution that revolutionises IT auditing. With the Sherlock® solution, you benefit from a 24/7 vulnerability detection system to better control your cyber risks

The benefits of the Sherlock® solution

By identifying points of weakness in your network, you can plan for the correction of vulnerabilities, making it easy to consolidate the security of your system and limit the impact of potential attacks.

1. cyber serenity

1. cyber serenity

A 24/7 active audit

All devices connected to your network are continuously analyzed to detect vulnerabilities in real time.

immediate alerts

In the event of a new breach, an SMS alert is sent to the administrators of your Sherlock® solution.

Regular reports

Depending on the periodicity you have chosen, you will be informed by Email or SMS of the latest developments in your network.

The Sherlock® solution is available in a variety of formats.

A monitoring mode

Identify trusted devices in your network so you only get alerts for new releases.

2. Ease of use

A simple and secure analysis interface

A clear and clean presentation provides a summary view of your network activity in real time. In order to protect your data, the interface is only accessible from a computer connected to the same network as your Sherlock® solution. To consult it, you have a URL and the identifier that you enter when you subscribe.

The interface is accessible only from a computer connected to the same network as your Sherlock® solution.

Audit reports accessible to all


You can summarise your business network in a few PDF slides to get a different understanding of the health of connected devices.

Exportable reports

From your space, you export a report in XLSX express format of the criticality score and impacted services for each of your devices.

2. Ease of use
3. Efficiency today and tomorrow

3. Efficiency today and tomorrow

A stand-alone box

You just plug it in and your network analysis begins. The Sherlock® solution requires no prior network configuration.

The Sherlock® solution is a stand-alone unit.

An up-to-date database

The security of a known and trusted device today can become critical tomorrow. Your Sherlock® solution takes advantage of a daily updated database to analyze your devices against the most serious vulnerabilities.

Easy to install and use

Connecting the box to an electrical outlet

Connecting the box to an electrical outlet

Connect the box to a network cable

Connect the box to a network cable

The analysis starts automatically

The analysis starts automatically


SME - Medium-sized enterprises
10 to 149 employees

Maximum number of administrators 10
Max. number of devices audited 250
Network Monitoring
H+1 vulnerability update
Installation physical box 1 single site
Software updates
XLSX audit report
Recommended number of employees 10 - 150
E-mail Alerts
SMS Alerts
Analysis interface expert
Integration of vulnerability testing modules
Audit reports PDF
Audit report with filtering rules
Save filter rules
White label audit report

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ProHacKtive privacy

As your cyber peace of mind is our priority, we apply best practices in cybersecurity and data confidentiality to our Sherlock® solution.

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