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Sherlock® flash

50 employees
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250 € EXCL. TAX

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250 € EXCL. TAX
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    Complete and send your booking request.

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    ProHacKtive will process your request as soon as possible by first contacting you.

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    Once the terms and conditions are signed, you will receive an email from ProHacKtive with instructions on how to download the Sherlock® flash solution and access the administration interface.

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    Install Sherlock® flash on your hypervisor and start Sherlock® flash. The first data will arrive in real time on your administration interface.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

For security reasons, we do not allow vulnerability scanners to inspect a public IP address. If you wish to scan a public IP address, you must make a request via ProHacktive Email ( stating the IP address, subnet mask and reason.

Here's how to set up a fixed private IP address for a network interface:

We do not apply the patches proposed by our solution and remain in a trusted third party posture. You would be entitled to doubt the proposed solutions when the actor who diagnoses the problem also proposes the remedy.


This is why it is necessary to call on the service provider responsible for your computer equipment to correct the vulnerability. However, for some vulnerabilities, we propose a correction protocol to follow.

The ProHacktive solution is not a replacement for a antivirus, it is a complementary tool to your antivirus. Antivirus software works like a delay mechanism, detecting, analysing, correcting and finally distributing this information to all its clients once the threat has been detected and corrected. The ProHacktive solution directly scans the services open on a device and alerts the user to future threats that may be detected by the antivirus.

The Sherlock® solution has no impact on your network. We do not access any device. We only query open services and intelligently aggregate the data collected.

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