Protect your computer network from cyberattacks with Sherlock®

  • Automated network security audit
  • Real-time cyber threat detection
  • Zero configuration required
  • Prioritization and patch management solutions.
  • Audit report in PDF and Excel format
  • User friendly interface

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Cybersecurity has become a major issue for all organisations.

5,200 billion

cost of cybercrime to the global economy, estimated by the UN


of SME attacked


of ransomware attacks in 1 year

Organisations can not only rely on human actions to prevent cyber attacks

3.5 million

of vacancies in cybersecurity in 2021*.

* Source: Global Digital Trust Insights 2021

36 000 €

Average cost of a cyber audit for all types of structure

A global shortage of experts vs. a growing demand for human resources.

Access to cyber security audit services is limited due to its high cost.

That's why we created Sherlock®, the 1st automated Plug & Play cyber audit solution.

  • Automated scanner appliance
  • Risk analysis in real time
  • Permanent and spot audit
  • Patch management
  • Tasks prioritization
  • User friendly interface
That's why we created Sherlock®, the 1st automated Plug & Play cyber audit solution.

Knowledge of your network risk level and maintaining your patches up to date have become crucial for your organisation to prevent any cyber attacks.

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Simplify the daily life of your IT Team and automate your security workflow using Sherlock®


Permanent audit

Monitor and secure your network in real time 24/7.

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Spot audit

Run a quick risk analysis of your IT system.

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Get also free access to Sherlock® KB:

Sherlock® KB

The only knowledge base of known vulnerabilities translated into 6 languages (updated in real time).

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Gain Cyber-Serenity with Sherlock®

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« Sherlock® allows us to have a global vision of our equipment from the point of view of alerts and security flaws, a vision that we would not have without this product. In view of the importance of IT security (particularly within hospitals), I think that this solution should be made known. »

Michael DUFOUR - CISO of the CH of Soissons

« Sherlock® is a central element of our identification and remediation plan. It is an important gain in terms of auditing and maintenance in operational condition. »

Bruno Caudal RSI of Vannes City Council

« Sherlock® makes us aware of the problems in our network. Without this solution we don't have time to address these vulnerabilities on a daily basis. »

Guillaume Gamba RSI of the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Fréjus

« It would be impossible for us to do such an effective and accurate job of detecting security flaws as the Sherlock solution does. »


« The Sherlock® solution has given us a better understanding of our network and the associated risks. The solution gives us arguments to exchange with our service providers. »

Frédéric D.G - CIO of a construction equipment distributor

« The Sherlock® solution allows us to save a considerable amount of time in detecting vulnerabilities in our clients' fleets. The fact that the analysis is continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is also much more efficient and cost-effective than if we had to schedule a monthly or quarterly audit. We then have to apply the patches recommended by Sherlock® to obtain an optimal level of security. »

Stéphane Bécu-Métailler, director of Ockté Informatique

« Very intuitive, time-saving solution for vulnerability monitoring and continuous improvement. »

Julien Camarroque IT Officer at Audencia

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